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Full Name

Angelique Dufayel Cancelier

Date of Birth

April 4, 1976







"The Mayor will see you now."
—Angelique tells Rango he can talk to the Mayor

Angelique is the red fox Secretary of The Mayor of Dirt. Unlike the rest of the mayor's henchman, she is more neutral than evil.

She was voiced by Claudia Black.

Role in the film

Angelique speaks in an eastern European accent and she is often seen smoking. Her tail is quite long to the point that she can wear it as a scarf. She is first seen in the waiting room reading a magazine and is later seen at the general store. Shortly afterward, she is seen accompanying the mayor as he gives his speech. Angelique does not appear again until the climax where she is again seen with the mayor, John. In the extended version of the film, she is seen playing tennis on the beach.

Personality and abilities

Angelique was a bit stuck up and looks down on Beans. But she is shown to have a fun loving side as well as seen in the ending.

Interestingly she dresses in modern clothing, spending most of the movie in a light green sweater and skinny black jeans. She is shown wearing plaid shorts in the ending.

Information of Angelique

Date of Birth: April 4 1976.

Origin: Paris, France.

Complete Name: Angelique Dufayel Cancelier.

Sex: Woman.

Race: Fox.

Species: Animal.

Civil Status: Married.

Height: -2.

Occupation: Secretary.

Language: French and Spanish.

Nationality: Mexican.

Complexion: Skinny.

Weight: 50 Kilos.

Age: 37 Years.

Diplomacy: Ally.

Father: François Dufayel.

Mother: Yolande Cancelier.

Brother: Serge Dufayel.

Sister: Clotilde Dufayel.

Husband: Pedro Labastida. (Mexican Ancestry)

Son: Jose Dufayel.

Daughters: Antonia Dufayel, Lupita Dufayel and Carolina Dufayel.