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Balthazar was a blind mole and patriarch to the clan. When Rango became sheriff, Balthazar and his two prairie dog sons end up digging into the town looking to rob the water vault. Rango inadvertely showed them direction to the vault. The next day Rango and his posse find the clan (which is of consisting large numbers of gophers and prairie dogs). There Rango steals back the water tank they stole only to find it empty. Balthazar and his sons were framed by the mayor and were set to be hanged by sunrise, but are saved on time by Rango and their kin.He is the tertiary antagonist of Rango

Information about Balthazar:

Complete Name: Balthazar Douglas Peterson.

Origin: Tonopah, Arizona, United States.

Acutal Place: Tonopah, Arizona, United States.

Birthday: May 18, 1953.

Sex: Male.

Specie: Animal.

Race: Mole.

Civil Status: Married.

Heght: 1.75 Meters.

Age: 60 Years.

Occupation: Farmer.

Alias: None.

Language: English.

Diplomacy: Ally.

Nationality: U.S. American.

Money: $200,000,000.

Father: Anthony Douglas.

Mother: Jessica Peterson.

Brothers: Eddie Douglas and Tom Douglas.

Sister: Gloria Douglas.

Wife: Helen Morris.

Sons: Jedadih and Eziekiel Douglas