Crotaulus Atrox, is a venomous rattlesnake species of United States and Mexico.

Facts in The Mojave

This is the most toxic snake in North America. If you're in The Southwest, and you see a rattlesnake, have a listen to that rattle. He's got that rattlesnake defense, but as soon as you stop moving, he stops rattling. And the reason is, he's got these incredible heat sensing pits on either sides of his face, and he can see people's heat signature. So as soon as you does that, he's smelling, he's seeing, he's sensing everything that's going on. Rattlesnake Jake is a sharpshooter in The Movie, and that's very accurate, 'cause rattlesnakes strike so fast, it's faster than the human eye. they can complete their entire strike in one-twenty-fourth of a second. And these are sometimes called Diamondback Rattlesnakes, or Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes. And you can see what he's doing is he's telling you to leave him alone. He's saying, "Get out of here, or you're going to get bitten." And with rattlesnakes that are this toxic, they have venom, but it's not limitless. They can't just waste it on anything. so he's gonna make a lot of people try to get away from him and the last thing he'll do is strike and that strike is easily enough to kill an adult human being. People who get bitten by these snakes sometimes stop breathing, have to go on ventilators and die. So if you look here… have a look at this. what makes vipers and adders so unique is the fact that they have these long fangs that they can hinge forward. And they basically need them, and they're attached to the elastic cartilage, and flip them forward. What this allows is their fangs to go deep into the tissue of the animals that are trying to kill them or they're trying to eat. And this allows the venom to go a lot deeper, act a lot quicker, and they actually have to use less venom. So while this is the most toxic snake in North America, his little cousin is the smallest rattlesnake in the world.

Fun Facts

  • The venom of many rattlers can both attack the nervous system and poison the blood.